Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Spritzr created?

Spritzr’s founder and CEO, Manshu Agarwal, was searching for love. He found that his best dates came through friends. However, he could only go to so many friends’ parties, and email or facebook introductions were really awkward. So he thought, why isn’t there a fun, low pressure way for friends to play matchmaker? Now there is.

Is Spritzr a dating app?

Spritzr isn’t a dating app, it’s an app to play matchmaker. Both single and married people can play Spritzr. Singles get a stream of hand-picked quality prospects, while everyone has fun testing their matchmaking skills.

Is it OK to be in a relationship and use Spritzr?

Yes, because Spritzr is a matchmaking app, not a dating app. When you join you’re asked if you’re single or in a relationship. If you choose the latter, you enter in Matchmaker-only mode, and are prevented from being matched by anybody else. Nobody is going to mistake you for a single person!

I’m married, so why should I use Spritzr?

Through Spritzr you can help your friends and other singles find happiness too. Spritzr makes matchmaking easy, low pressure, and fun. It’s set up like a game, where you can only match 10 couples up per day – so think carefully about who’d be a great pair. If you strike it lucky and the couple both like each other, you earn $10!

I’m single, so why should I matchmake others?

Spritzr works in a ‘pay-it-forward’ fashion. The more you matchmake others, the more your profile gets shown to the community to matchmake. So by helping others find love you get more quality prospects sent to you. Plus, every successful match you make for others earns you $10 Cupid Cash.

Can I matchmake friends who aren’t on Spritzr yet?

Yes! Go to the ‘Friends’ tab in the ‘Play Matchmaker’ page and scroll down to the bottom of your friends list where you can pick Facebook friends to matchmake for.

Will Spritzr post things on my Facebook feed without my consent?

Nope, nada, never. Nothing is shared on Facebook or any other platform without your prior consent.

How does Cupid Cash work?

Everyone starts off with $20 in Cupid Cash. For every successful match that you make for others you earn $10 Cupid Cash. If you’re single, for every successful match you receive (where there is a mutual like) you trade-in $10 Cupid Cash. Cash out when you hit $100.

How do I cash out my earnings?

When you hit $100 in Cupid Cash you can press the ‘Cash Out’ button on the Cupid Cash summary page to give us your email and we’ll send you $100 of real money.

Do I have to pay to use Spritzr?

No Spritzr is free to download and to use.

Matchmaking made easy

Isn't matchmaking awkward?

On Spritzr you’re not ‘matchmaking’ in the offline sense of the word. All you’re doing is suggesting two people to each other, for them to decide independently if they want to take things further. If one or both don’t like your suggestion, then they simply swipe left and move on to the next suggestion. There’s no notification, so there’s no hurt feelings. Spritzr takes the pressure and awkwardness out of matchmaking.

Doesn't matchmaking require a lot of effort?

Nope. Spritzr is like a game.  You just drag and drop photos of couples that you think are suited and you’re done. Matchmake up to 10 couples each day – either among friends or other singles in the Spritzr community. Then lie back and bask in the good karma and possible $$$ you just earned.

What if I matchmake two people and it goes wrong?

On Spritzr you’re just suggesting to two people that they check each other out. It’s up to them to take things further or not. If they don’t like the other person, they simply swipe left, without any repercussions.

What if I don't have any friends on Spritzr?

You can matchmake anyone on Spritzr, not just your friends. In fact, the majority of matches come through people in the Spritzr community that are not directly connected. However, playing Spritzr is even more fun if you’ve got some friends in the mix – to either play matchmaker for, or for them to find quality dates for you.

The Mechanics

What are Suggestions?

If you’re single, you’ll get notified when any new suggestion comes in. These are prospects picked specifically for you by friends or others in the Spritzr community. Swipe right if you like that person, left if you don’t.

What are Matches?

If you’re single and you swipe right on a suggestion that also swipes right on you, a match is made and you can begin communicating.

How do I give Suggestions to my friends?

From the menu in the app, tap Play Matchmaker. When you see a friend you want to make suggestions for, tap Suggest Matches. Scroll through your friends at the bottom and when you see someone you want to suggest, drag their photo up and drop it. You can suggest multiple people to the same person! The more options the better, right?

How do I matchmake?

Select the Play Matchmaker page from the navigation menu. Either play matchmaker for the community or for friends. Scroll through the bottom carousel for a good match with the person on the top. Drag and drop the photo of the best suited person from the bottom carousel to the top photo.

Should I be worried about sending suggestions?

Nope. We only send notifications about the good stuff. So, if you make a suggestion and the feeling is not mutual we won’t tell anyone. Nobody’s feelings will be hurt.

How do I earn Cupid Cash?

Play matchmaker to earn Cupid Cash. For every couple that you successfully match (where they both swipe right) you earn $10 Cupid Cash.

How do I invite friends?

From the menu in the app, tap Invite and select how you would like to invite your friends. You can also play matchmaker for them if they’re a Facebook friend of yours. They’ll receive a Facebook notification that you’ve selected someone for them on Spritzr that they can click through to download the app.

How do I change my profile type from ‘Single’ to ‘In a relationship’?

From the main menu, tap Settings. In settings tap Profile Type and select ‘Matchmaker’.

How do I edit my profile?

From the main menu in the app, tap your profile photo at the top. Tap “edit” to make changes.

How do I change my push notifications?

From the menu in the app, tap Settings. In settings you will see three different types of notifications that you can toggle on and off.

Get in touch

Where do I send my Spritzr success story?

We really want to hear your success story! If you’re now in a committed relationship, send us a shareable photograph of you two lovebirds with a few sentences about your story and we’ll give you $20 Cupid Cash.

Email us at:

Help! My app is crashing.

First make sure you are using the newest version of Spritzr, so check for updates. Next, try deleting the app and reinstalling it. Don’t worry, deleting the app will not lose any of your messages, matches, or suggestions. If you are still having trouble email us at so we can come to the rescue.

Where are Spritzr's offices?

Spritzr’ s offices are located at
2150 W Washington St. Suite 209-A
San Diego, CA 92110