Spritzr is about creating love in the world through matchmaking. Most people meet that special someone through social circles, yet online dating remains an anonymous place devoid of connections. The Spritzr app changes that by bringing matchmaking online and making it easy, fun, and addictive.

Users simply drag and drop photos of singles they think would make a good pair. The more couples they successfully match, the more Cupid Cash they earn, which can be exchanged for real money. Singles get a stream of hand-picked prospects, while everyone gets to have fun channeling their inner cupid.

Manshu Agarwal
Founder & CEO

If Manshu were an African animal, he would be a gazelle combined with a honey badger. Pursuing love fearlessly with grace and speed, but with the odd bout of sheer recklessness. You can often find him wallowing in some watering hole, watching soccer matches and eating mushy peas.

John Strott
VP of Product

Me gusta películas de los años 80, el punk rock, y largos paseos fuera muelles cortos. Además, yo no hablo español.

Chris Imani
Founder & CTO

Real geek at heart (yes, looks could be deceiving). He is always seen with laptop in one hand and tea mug in the other. If you ask him why, you are most likely to hear “How else you think I can survive on 5 hours of sleep at night, every night?”

Director of Analytics

George, who spends most of his hours between “spread” sheets and graphs, lives off protein bars and energy drinks, and believes nothing is more funnier than facts.

Patrick Maxwell
Creative Director

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I have worked in this business since I was a young lad, always making a point to stay up-to-date with the newest systems and technologies.

Leila Tosang
QA Manager

Leila has a true passion for technology. When she isn’t discovering bugs, you will find her hiking and doing yoga, and of course playing with her cute little dog, Marley.

Love Development Manager

Don’t be fooled by Sara’s good looks. Even though she’s as pretty as a peach, she’s as sneaky as a fox. Gone unnoticed, she loves to curl up on the sofa with a good bone. Her ideal date would be a tall strong labrador lathered in peanut butter.