What is Spritzr?

Spritzr makes playing cupid fun, easy, and financially-rewarding.

Users simply drag and drop photos of singles they think would make a good pair. The more couples they successfully match, the more Cupid Cash they earn, which can be exchanged for real money. Singles get a stream of quality handpicked prospects, while everyone gets to enjoy playing cupid.

Whether you’re single or married, Spritzr is a fun way to test your matchmaking skills, find a quality match, or simply earn some dough.

Why should you join?


Spritzr is the quickest way to find quality dates.

We guarantee there’s nothing better out there. Imagine having a team of friendly matchmakers in your corner, picking out the best prospects for you. Choose the ones you like and quickly set up dates. No more mindless swiping and messaging!


Earn cash helping your friends and other singles find love.

Spritzr takes the awkwardness out of matchmaking. Simply drag and drop photos of singles to pair up, and if they like each other you win $10. It’s that simple! And don’t worry, you’re labelled as off the market and can’t receive matches yourself. 


Why Matchmake? 

It’s all about happiness! Make yourself happy by finding love for your friends and other singles. Plus, you get to earn some money at the same time.


Play matchmaker

Browse prospects for friends or other singles. Drag and drop photos to match up two people. You’ll be notified if they like each other.


See Quality Prospects

If you’re single you’ll receive suggestions of who to date from friends and other matchmakers in the community. Swipe right on those you like, left to skip.


Get Matched

If you’re single, get chatting with other singles where there’s a mutual like. Spritzr is a trusted community of singles seeking relationships – so meet up quickly and see if the sparks fly!


Earn Cash

For every couple you successfully match earn $10 in Cupid Cash. Cash out into real dollars when you hit $100.