Where friends play matchmaker

What's Spritzr?

Spritzr is the app where friends play matchmaker! Couples have fun playing matchmaker and helping their single friends meet that special someone. Singles meet quality dates referred by their friends. Earn karma points or find your perfect match on Spritzr!

Why should you join Spritzr?


Spritzr is the quickest way to find quality dates. We guarantee there's nothing better out there. It's like going to a friend's party where the host is introducing you to all their other single friends.

There's less time wasted swiping and messaging, and you've got a far greater chance of finding YOUR perfect match.

In A Relationship

If you're in a relationship, matching up your single friends offline can be awkward. Spritzr takes the pressure out of matchmaking, making it easy and fun suggesting your single friends to each other.

The more couples you match, the more Karma Points you earn, giving you bragging rights ... and a special invite to their wedding !

Choose Dater

Connect with Facebook. We never post on your wall, pinky swear.

Create your profile

It takes under 2 minutes to complete your profile.

Start Receiving Quality Suggestions

Sit back and relax while your friends suggest some of their friends to you.

Choose Matchmaker

Connect with Facebook. As a matchmaker, everyone will know you're off the market. Nothing will ever post to Facebook.

Start Suggesting Your Single Friends to other Single Friends

Earn 1 Karma point for each date suggestion you send to your friends.

Make a Match

Earn 3 karma points for every successful match.

Good Karma

Earn Karma Points as you make quality suggestions for your single friends. If they like each other, you'll get bonus points and move up the Karmaboard, eventually earning bronze, silver, and gold medals. Spritzr gold medalists are our matchmaking VIPs, given pride of place at parties and events.

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